~ I Could Be An Assistant TV Director!! ~

Genki desukaaaa!!XD haha
I am genki^^

Guess What!!
Since last week, I have been working as an assitant TV director!!x3
That was what I wanted to work as so I am happy!!^-^

However, the day after tomorrow, there is a welcome party at my work place and new comer including me have to do something show at stage by each other!!XD

Someone sing, someone dance~ but I don't have such special skill^^;
So, I am going to imitate a japanese actor while playing african music even though I am not good at both..XD hahahaha

That is kind of typical japanese first devil gate for fresh salary men XD

Anyway I will do my best!! hazukashiiiiiii XD haha

Does your country have such welcome party?XD haha
tell me^^

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