~ I Am Working!! ~

Hello everyone!!!!
Long time no see!!
How have everyone been??

I was going to write my blog more often but I have been busy more than I had thought:P

Guess what!!!!
From tomorrow, I am working as an assitant TV director in Japan!!!!!!^___^
I am bit nervous but I am also excited!!

I would be busy more than now so I am really sorry if I couldn't write my blog often>__<

From next time, I would like to write about my daily life in Japan again^-^
And I will put some photos that I took in my europe travel♪^^ hehe



~ Special Japanese Late Night Meal ~

I just posted an article about UK though, I would like to post one more article today x)
Buuut, this time is not about UK :3
UK is next time~ haha

I got hungry 1 hour ago so I ate "Ochazuke" :P hehe
Do you know what is "Ochazuke"?:D

お茶漬け(Ochazuke) is "Rice with hot tea poured on it" in English:3 maybe XD
Many japanese people eat Ochazuke when they get hungry at late night.
Because of it is easy to cook and make your body warm and relaxing♪

However, I prefer "instant ochazuke" not hot tea.
This is the instant Ochazuke!!
You put it on rice bowl(not much rice) and pour boiled water!!


This is the お茶漬け!!!!*o*
mmm This ochazuke looks not so oishii....XD
But Taste nice!!^^
This is "Wasabi Ochazuke":D
You can get many kind of Ochazuke in Japan^-^

If you eat some thing special night food, tell me!!^-^
I want to know night food that you can eat when you are bit hungry at night :P hehe
教えてね~^-^ (Tell me ~)


~ Yuki in UK part2 ~

(Today is UK travel part2!!)
This is the breakfast that I ate at the hostel!!♪^^
Actually, I have thought that English food is not good though, this breakfast looks nice isn't it?:D And it was actually oishi^-^
I ate twice of this amount for a breakfast!XD hahaha

I went to "ASDA":)
This is big supermarket!!!!
I would like to show you UK's supermarket~B) hehe

This is frozen CRISPY POTATOES!:)
Just £1!!:D this is cheap!!:D hehe
Everything is frozen food that is in this section!!!!*o*
Ehhhh so many!!
I didn't know that English people like frozen food such much~:o
And Everything is only £1♪^^
That's nice!! x)
Hey hey sexy lady~B)
What are you doing today~?♪
Eat eight sliced of breads with jam and tons of juice and snacks and sweets and sausages and...
Omg omg...How much is she going to eatttt!!!XD
Stop buying!!XD
I think English people buy a lot at once!!
How much size of fridge does she have!?
Sugoi...this is the Great Britain♪ haha


So many carrots in one bag!!!!!
I don't need such muchhhhh XD
I just wanted one carrot:..(
How does English people use this much carrots?:o
One of them is to eat and  to feed horse of police and to beat your dislike person and to use as a doll and .... I don't have such many ideas!!XD
English people must be smart B) haha joking but anyway too much for one person^^;

This one too!!!!!!!!!!XD ahahaha
But very cheap:D
These pizzas are very big and cheap compare to japanese one!!
Great Britain Yattaaaa xD haha
This is breads section:)
Looks very oishiiiii^^
AND Super cheap!!!!:D
4 for £1!?
But I can't eat such a lot you know England-sannnn!!XD

Do you wanna fight me!?!?!?xO
I ignored these rude guys B/
haha I should have tried to eat this..xD
How taste is this?:D
Tell me someone who know this taste xD
And this is too expensive if there is no diamond in it xI
£1.5 for one small snack!?
You can buy 6 breads!! XD
All English sweets are bit expensive compare to japanese one:1

You can buy this one in Japan though the price is half of UK price!!


This one looks weird...XD
I have never seen such say of selling sausage...XD
This one remind me something .....ops sorry but...weird^^;;
This is interesting!
"Wild Bird Seed Feast" xD
You feed this wild bird?XD
English people are cute!XD hahhahaha
I have never seen this in Japan too:)
I forgot to buy this one>.<
I wanted to know how taste it is:/
Tell me someone how taste it is:3
I can't find this in Japan:...(
I often saw this Union Flag on any commodities:)
This is mark of made in UK though there is no such commodity in Japan:o
Cool design!!^-^
Yuki in UK Part2 is finish ~ x)
I hope I could share that I experienced in UK^-^
I will write about Japan after I finished to show my traveling:3
Sorry if you guys expected to read about Japan^^;
I would like to put information of Japan by comparing UK and Japan^-^





~ ☆Yuki in UK☆ ~

I would like to write about my european journey this time!! YAY!!! x)
I went to UK and Italy and France for vacation for about one month!!x)
I found manyyyy interesting things in europe:O hehe
I will show that little by little:)
This is the first time to go to europe so I was very excited!!!!*o*
I will try to share my experience with everyone by showing my photos what I took on my journey:)
I hope you will enjoy^-^

First is UK!! B)
Let's go!! x)

I forgot to take picture at Manchester airport so I would like to introduce from the station that is located close to my hostel!!

This is the Great Manchester style train station!!*o*
It looks very cool compare to japanese station XD
Brick!! ohhhh カッコイイ♪ x)

When I was on way to my hostel, gooses welcomed me*o*
Arigatooooo!! XD haha
Konnichiwa ~ B)
This is the hostel that I stayed in Manchester:D
"YHA hostel"
It was very nice to stay for people who want to save money and enjoy Manchester!:)
I will introduce about this hostel someday^-^

I found red color's telphone box!!!!*o*
So cool>.<
UK is oshare x)
I didn't use telphone box in UK though:3 hehe

This is on way to the Manchester city of center!!:D
Ohhh every buildings are built by bricks!!!!
That impressed me so much!!:D
Very very cool!! x)
Mmm but what is the yellow lines on the road??:O
Tell me someone who know that:3
Double Decker Bus!!!!*o*
Kakkoiiiii XD
Actually I had said "wow~ohhh~sugoii~" a lot fisrt several days..XD hahaha

This is the Center of Manchester called Piccadelly!!!!!*o*
That looks cool isn't it?:D
Big ferris wheel and many oshare cafes and shops were exciting me!!
Oh! By the way, the place where the yellow jaket man stands is train(tram?) station!!:D
It's interesting for me:D

I ate "wrap" with milk in "Nandos" for the first night in Manchester~ x) hehe
It is very oishiiiiiii!!!!!:D Arigato Mochi!! Haha
However, this first meal realized me that UK's restaurant is very expensive compare to Japanese one|*o*|
It's like double price of japanese price XD
ちくしょーーーーー!!!!XD haha



This is my first day that I spent in Manchester~x)
It was exciting day for japanese yuki~xD haha
I will write about other days of my traveling ~^-^


~ I Got Back To Japan From Europe!! ~

Long time no see!!
How have everyone been?:D

I enjoyed europe very much^-^
I would like to write about my europe trip later^-^ hehe

I have missed japanese food while I was in europe so I offered my father that cook japanese food please when I got back home!! haha

Actually, I had japanese food two times in UK .... XD hahaha It was oishii but It didn't make me satisfied of my feeling what I want to eat JAPANESE FOOD!!XD haha

My father cooked me these food for the night^-^

It was very oishiii and relaxing~haha
It realized me that I love japanese food XD hehe
Of course some of european foods were very oishiii xD fuuuu don't get angry european people XD I love your country's food too as I wrote!!xD

I am tired today so see you later^-^
I will try to write my blog more often this month haha