~ ☆Yuki in UK☆ ~

I would like to write about my european journey this time!! YAY!!! x)
I went to UK and Italy and France for vacation for about one month!!x)
I found manyyyy interesting things in europe:O hehe
I will show that little by little:)
This is the first time to go to europe so I was very excited!!!!*o*
I will try to share my experience with everyone by showing my photos what I took on my journey:)
I hope you will enjoy^-^

First is UK!! B)
Let's go!! x)

I forgot to take picture at Manchester airport so I would like to introduce from the station that is located close to my hostel!!

This is the Great Manchester style train station!!*o*
It looks very cool compare to japanese station XD
Brick!! ohhhh カッコイイ♪ x)

When I was on way to my hostel, gooses welcomed me*o*
Arigatooooo!! XD haha
Konnichiwa ~ B)
This is the hostel that I stayed in Manchester:D
"YHA hostel"
It was very nice to stay for people who want to save money and enjoy Manchester!:)
I will introduce about this hostel someday^-^

I found red color's telphone box!!!!*o*
So cool>.<
UK is oshare x)
I didn't use telphone box in UK though:3 hehe

This is on way to the Manchester city of center!!:D
Ohhh every buildings are built by bricks!!!!
That impressed me so much!!:D
Very very cool!! x)
Mmm but what is the yellow lines on the road??:O
Tell me someone who know that:3
Double Decker Bus!!!!*o*
Kakkoiiiii XD
Actually I had said "wow~ohhh~sugoii~" a lot fisrt several days..XD hahaha

This is the Center of Manchester called Piccadelly!!!!!*o*
That looks cool isn't it?:D
Big ferris wheel and many oshare cafes and shops were exciting me!!
Oh! By the way, the place where the yellow jaket man stands is train(tram?) station!!:D
It's interesting for me:D

I ate "wrap" with milk in "Nandos" for the first night in Manchester~ x) hehe
It is very oishiiiiiii!!!!!:D Arigato Mochi!! Haha
However, this first meal realized me that UK's restaurant is very expensive compare to Japanese one|*o*|
It's like double price of japanese price XD
ちくしょーーーーー!!!!XD haha



This is my first day that I spent in Manchester~x)
It was exciting day for japanese yuki~xD haha
I will write about other days of my traveling ~^-^

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