~ Yuki in UK part2 ~

(Today is UK travel part2!!)
This is the breakfast that I ate at the hostel!!♪^^
Actually, I have thought that English food is not good though, this breakfast looks nice isn't it?:D And it was actually oishi^-^
I ate twice of this amount for a breakfast!XD hahaha

I went to "ASDA":)
This is big supermarket!!!!
I would like to show you UK's supermarket~B) hehe

This is frozen CRISPY POTATOES!:)
Just £1!!:D this is cheap!!:D hehe
Everything is frozen food that is in this section!!!!*o*
Ehhhh so many!!
I didn't know that English people like frozen food such much~:o
And Everything is only £1♪^^
That's nice!! x)
Hey hey sexy lady~B)
What are you doing today~?♪
Eat eight sliced of breads with jam and tons of juice and snacks and sweets and sausages and...
Omg omg...How much is she going to eatttt!!!XD
Stop buying!!XD
I think English people buy a lot at once!!
How much size of fridge does she have!?
Sugoi...this is the Great Britain♪ haha


So many carrots in one bag!!!!!
I don't need such muchhhhh XD
I just wanted one carrot:..(
How does English people use this much carrots?:o
One of them is to eat and  to feed horse of police and to beat your dislike person and to use as a doll and .... I don't have such many ideas!!XD
English people must be smart B) haha joking but anyway too much for one person^^;

This one too!!!!!!!!!!XD ahahaha
But very cheap:D
These pizzas are very big and cheap compare to japanese one!!
Great Britain Yattaaaa xD haha
This is breads section:)
Looks very oishiiiii^^
AND Super cheap!!!!:D
4 for £1!?
But I can't eat such a lot you know England-sannnn!!XD

Do you wanna fight me!?!?!?xO
I ignored these rude guys B/
haha I should have tried to eat this..xD
How taste is this?:D
Tell me someone who know this taste xD
And this is too expensive if there is no diamond in it xI
£1.5 for one small snack!?
You can buy 6 breads!! XD
All English sweets are bit expensive compare to japanese one:1

You can buy this one in Japan though the price is half of UK price!!


This one looks weird...XD
I have never seen such say of selling sausage...XD
This one remind me something .....ops sorry but...weird^^;;
This is interesting!
"Wild Bird Seed Feast" xD
You feed this wild bird?XD
English people are cute!XD hahhahaha
I have never seen this in Japan too:)
I forgot to buy this one>.<
I wanted to know how taste it is:/
Tell me someone how taste it is:3
I can't find this in Japan:...(
I often saw this Union Flag on any commodities:)
This is mark of made in UK though there is no such commodity in Japan:o
Cool design!!^-^
Yuki in UK Part2 is finish ~ x)
I hope I could share that I experienced in UK^-^
I will write about Japan after I finished to show my traveling:3
Sorry if you guys expected to read about Japan^^;
I would like to put information of Japan by comparing UK and Japan^-^




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