Help me!!

Long time no see everyone!
How have everyone been?:)

I've been mm busy^^;;
But I am surviving:P

I am sorry for that I have not posted often like before recently...^^;;;;
I really have not much time to post and I work everyday so I can't find interesting thing in my daily life xP

If you want to contact me, please send me message on "LINE" or "SKYPE"

My LINE ID:11213221
MY SKYPE ID:kydttm99


AND! This time what I want to say everyone is, I am planning to go to abroad for one year from next year.

I said I would like to go to UK though it might be bit difficult because they accept only 1000 japanese people who come by working holiday visa.

So, I am planning to go to Australia as well.
If I can, I wanna go to "Gold Coast" !!!!!:)
Internet say there are many japanese restaurants and shops so it seems easy to find job for me there^-^

However, I have not enough money to stay there for one year by paying for living place so if you can let me stay there please tell me!!
Or if you know someone who can let me stay, or if you know some cheap apartment, please tell me^-^



~What I Want To Do Now Is~

Hello everyone!!
It's very long time no see!!!!x3
How is everyone doing??

I've exhausted at work^^;;;
I have not got back my home recently cause working everyday even weekend.

However, by working so hard, I could find what I really want to do!!!!

I decided to travel all over the world and take video of the world and introduce them to the world how is the world!!

And I will bring a book that is not written at all. white paper book.
I am going to let world children write about their dream and make the book be a dreaming book!!!^^

And I would like to make a homepage to report my travel and videos what I took and many things!!!XD

it seems bit difficult to do such thing but I am sure I will do!!!!!!!!


~I Began To Realize That Working At TV Production Is Hard~

Hello everyone^-^
How is everyone doing?:D

I am...exhausted^^;;
But I am daijobuuuuuu x3

I started to work at tv production company and it's gone about one month though....

I work like 14 hours everyday and there is no holiday^^;;
Maybe just one time per month ^^;;
So I've exchausted and feel lonely cause I can't appoint to meet my friends and I am living alone^^;;;

But I gotta ganbaru more to be director>.<
And my job is also sometime fun!!^-^
So I would like to try to continue!!x3
I don't wanna give up such easy:1

sorry for write such thing on here^^;;;


~ Am I Look Like Super Star??~

I found such a biiiig sun glasses XD
Am I look like a super star?XD hahaha
Sorry, it is not about japan at all XD



~ I Could Be An Assistant TV Director!! ~

Genki desukaaaa!!XD haha
I am genki^^

Guess What!!
Since last week, I have been working as an assitant TV director!!x3
That was what I wanted to work as so I am happy!!^-^

However, the day after tomorrow, there is a welcome party at my work place and new comer including me have to do something show at stage by each other!!XD

Someone sing, someone dance~ but I don't have such special skill^^;
So, I am going to imitate a japanese actor while playing african music even though I am not good at both..XD hahahaha

That is kind of typical japanese first devil gate for fresh salary men XD

Anyway I will do my best!! hazukashiiiiiii XD haha

Does your country have such welcome party?XD haha
tell me^^


~ My New Apartment ~

How have everyone been?:D
I've been good^-^

Today I would like to show everyone of my apartment~♪ haha

This is my room!!x)
mmm nothing much...XD
but I want to decolate my room more more day by day ☆x3
As you realize, I like green XD haha
This is a wall~x3
I put some stuff that I got from my friends^-^

Today I bought the mini tree x3
That is called "ガジュマル(Gajumaru)" in japanese x)
Nice green color ♪

I am sorry that I have not written interesting info and not often update^^;;
Anyway I won't stop this blog even when I am busy>.<
Ganbarimasu XD
I wanna see everyone's room!!!!!!!!!!!!XD
Let's share!! haha


~ I Am Working!! ~

Hello everyone!!!!
Long time no see!!
How have everyone been??

I was going to write my blog more often but I have been busy more than I had thought:P

Guess what!!!!
From tomorrow, I am working as an assitant TV director in Japan!!!!!!^___^
I am bit nervous but I am also excited!!

I would be busy more than now so I am really sorry if I couldn't write my blog often>__<

From next time, I would like to write about my daily life in Japan again^-^
And I will put some photos that I took in my europe travel♪^^ hehe



~ Special Japanese Late Night Meal ~

I just posted an article about UK though, I would like to post one more article today x)
Buuut, this time is not about UK :3
UK is next time~ haha

I got hungry 1 hour ago so I ate "Ochazuke" :P hehe
Do you know what is "Ochazuke"?:D

お茶漬け(Ochazuke) is "Rice with hot tea poured on it" in English:3 maybe XD
Many japanese people eat Ochazuke when they get hungry at late night.
Because of it is easy to cook and make your body warm and relaxing♪

However, I prefer "instant ochazuke" not hot tea.
This is the instant Ochazuke!!
You put it on rice bowl(not much rice) and pour boiled water!!


This is the お茶漬け!!!!*o*
mmm This ochazuke looks not so oishii....XD
But Taste nice!!^^
This is "Wasabi Ochazuke":D
You can get many kind of Ochazuke in Japan^-^

If you eat some thing special night food, tell me!!^-^
I want to know night food that you can eat when you are bit hungry at night :P hehe
教えてね~^-^ (Tell me ~)


~ Yuki in UK part2 ~

(Today is UK travel part2!!)
This is the breakfast that I ate at the hostel!!♪^^
Actually, I have thought that English food is not good though, this breakfast looks nice isn't it?:D And it was actually oishi^-^
I ate twice of this amount for a breakfast!XD hahaha

I went to "ASDA":)
This is big supermarket!!!!
I would like to show you UK's supermarket~B) hehe

This is frozen CRISPY POTATOES!:)
Just £1!!:D this is cheap!!:D hehe
Everything is frozen food that is in this section!!!!*o*
Ehhhh so many!!
I didn't know that English people like frozen food such much~:o
And Everything is only £1♪^^
That's nice!! x)
Hey hey sexy lady~B)
What are you doing today~?♪
Eat eight sliced of breads with jam and tons of juice and snacks and sweets and sausages and...
Omg omg...How much is she going to eatttt!!!XD
Stop buying!!XD
I think English people buy a lot at once!!
How much size of fridge does she have!?
Sugoi...this is the Great Britain♪ haha


So many carrots in one bag!!!!!
I don't need such muchhhhh XD
I just wanted one carrot:..(
How does English people use this much carrots?:o
One of them is to eat and  to feed horse of police and to beat your dislike person and to use as a doll and .... I don't have such many ideas!!XD
English people must be smart B) haha joking but anyway too much for one person^^;

This one too!!!!!!!!!!XD ahahaha
But very cheap:D
These pizzas are very big and cheap compare to japanese one!!
Great Britain Yattaaaa xD haha
This is breads section:)
Looks very oishiiiii^^
AND Super cheap!!!!:D
4 for £1!?
But I can't eat such a lot you know England-sannnn!!XD

Do you wanna fight me!?!?!?xO
I ignored these rude guys B/
haha I should have tried to eat this..xD
How taste is this?:D
Tell me someone who know this taste xD
And this is too expensive if there is no diamond in it xI
£1.5 for one small snack!?
You can buy 6 breads!! XD
All English sweets are bit expensive compare to japanese one:1

You can buy this one in Japan though the price is half of UK price!!


This one looks weird...XD
I have never seen such say of selling sausage...XD
This one remind me something .....ops sorry but...weird^^;;
This is interesting!
"Wild Bird Seed Feast" xD
You feed this wild bird?XD
English people are cute!XD hahhahaha
I have never seen this in Japan too:)
I forgot to buy this one>.<
I wanted to know how taste it is:/
Tell me someone how taste it is:3
I can't find this in Japan:...(
I often saw this Union Flag on any commodities:)
This is mark of made in UK though there is no such commodity in Japan:o
Cool design!!^-^
Yuki in UK Part2 is finish ~ x)
I hope I could share that I experienced in UK^-^
I will write about Japan after I finished to show my traveling:3
Sorry if you guys expected to read about Japan^^;
I would like to put information of Japan by comparing UK and Japan^-^





~ ☆Yuki in UK☆ ~

I would like to write about my european journey this time!! YAY!!! x)
I went to UK and Italy and France for vacation for about one month!!x)
I found manyyyy interesting things in europe:O hehe
I will show that little by little:)
This is the first time to go to europe so I was very excited!!!!*o*
I will try to share my experience with everyone by showing my photos what I took on my journey:)
I hope you will enjoy^-^

First is UK!! B)
Let's go!! x)

I forgot to take picture at Manchester airport so I would like to introduce from the station that is located close to my hostel!!

This is the Great Manchester style train station!!*o*
It looks very cool compare to japanese station XD
Brick!! ohhhh カッコイイ♪ x)

When I was on way to my hostel, gooses welcomed me*o*
Arigatooooo!! XD haha
Konnichiwa ~ B)
This is the hostel that I stayed in Manchester:D
"YHA hostel"
It was very nice to stay for people who want to save money and enjoy Manchester!:)
I will introduce about this hostel someday^-^

I found red color's telphone box!!!!*o*
So cool>.<
UK is oshare x)
I didn't use telphone box in UK though:3 hehe

This is on way to the Manchester city of center!!:D
Ohhh every buildings are built by bricks!!!!
That impressed me so much!!:D
Very very cool!! x)
Mmm but what is the yellow lines on the road??:O
Tell me someone who know that:3
Double Decker Bus!!!!*o*
Kakkoiiiii XD
Actually I had said "wow~ohhh~sugoii~" a lot fisrt several days..XD hahaha

This is the Center of Manchester called Piccadelly!!!!!*o*
That looks cool isn't it?:D
Big ferris wheel and many oshare cafes and shops were exciting me!!
Oh! By the way, the place where the yellow jaket man stands is train(tram?) station!!:D
It's interesting for me:D

I ate "wrap" with milk in "Nandos" for the first night in Manchester~ x) hehe
It is very oishiiiiiii!!!!!:D Arigato Mochi!! Haha
However, this first meal realized me that UK's restaurant is very expensive compare to Japanese one|*o*|
It's like double price of japanese price XD
ちくしょーーーーー!!!!XD haha



This is my first day that I spent in Manchester~x)
It was exciting day for japanese yuki~xD haha
I will write about other days of my traveling ~^-^


~ I Got Back To Japan From Europe!! ~

Long time no see!!
How have everyone been?:D

I enjoyed europe very much^-^
I would like to write about my europe trip later^-^ hehe

I have missed japanese food while I was in europe so I offered my father that cook japanese food please when I got back home!! haha

Actually, I had japanese food two times in UK .... XD hahaha It was oishii but It didn't make me satisfied of my feeling what I want to eat JAPANESE FOOD!!XD haha

My father cooked me these food for the night^-^

It was very oishiii and relaxing~haha
It realized me that I love japanese food XD hehe
Of course some of european foods were very oishiii xD fuuuu don't get angry european people XD I love your country's food too as I wrote!!xD

I am tired today so see you later^-^
I will try to write my blog more often this month haha


~ I Am Going To UK Today!!!! ~

How is everyone?:D
I am sooooo fine and excited!!!!!!!!!*o*

Today, I am going to UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*o*
I am happyyyyyyy!!!XD

I am going to stay in Manchester for one month x)
I would like to get many experience in UK^__^

I am sorry for no photo and stop to write my blog^^;;
But after I am back from UK, I will start to write again!!!^-^

I would like to write about my travel in UK too^-^ hehe



~ My New Apartment in Tokyo ☆ ~

Long time no see!!
How have everyone been?:D
I've been busy and fine!!!:D

Guess whaaat!!!!!!!!!!!*o*
Finaly, I got my own new apartment in TOKYO!!!!!!*o*
My new living place is called "大井町" :D
You can see how town it is by google~haha B)
This is the building of my new apartment!!!:D

My apartment is 3 minutes far from the 大井町 station on foot.
And the price is 59,000yen per month included water fee!!
You can use water whatever you want!!*o* OMG!XD
Actually, that is very nice price in Tokyo!!!X)
I am lucky~ hehe
Hehe I was excited XD ahaha
As you realized, always there is a vendhing macine~XD haha

This is my room:D
There are two enough size of storages for clothes and futon!:D

This is my room!!!!*o*
It's clean but bit small you know XD
But, I am ok!!!!!
I am imaging what can I put in this room~♪^^


This is my kitchen....
Too small:.......(
I cannot cook well..
I have to がんばるーー!!!xD hehe
Tell me easy cooking of your country^-^ hehe
I would like to try to cook your country's cook!!:D

This is my bathroom and toilet:3
unit bath:3
mmm this is old style bathroom but it's ok! x)
There is nicest public bath near my apartment!(two minutes on foot XD)

This is my best friend XD haha
As you can see this bath is small^^;;;

This is a typical size of apartment for new worker!(I don't know how to say^^;; )
How differ to your country? X)
Give me your idea^-^
See you soon!!!!!^^


~ Akeome Photo ~

Long time no see!XD haha
How have everyone been?:)
I've been very good^^
My mother went to a pet shop with Maaa-kun! and Maaa-kun acted as like a model in the pet shop!!hehe
This year is "Horse Year" so Maaa-kun got such photo~:D
めっちゃ笑ってるーーーー!!XD(He is very smiling!!!!XD)
あけましておめでと~photo!!XD hehe



~ What Is OSECHI??:D ~

Happy New Year Everyone!!*___*y

Today, I would like to introduce about Japanese style new years day!!!!^____^
Do you know what is "Osechi"?:D
We eat Osechi for three days from January1st ♪^^
This is the OSECHI which I ate this year!!!!!!*o*
fufufu nicest!!!x)
My father prepared some of them and we bought the osechi that you can see on the center
of the photo(three boxes)

This is my own osechi!!XD
I have a fish!
That is only me! B)
Can you guess why? X) fufufu
Because the fish said "please eat me Yukiiii"*o*
Actually, I was born the year of the hourse!:D
And this year is the hourse year so I eat the fish!!^-^
The fish is called "たい":D
たい is in a word of "めでたい" that means congraduration, happy, joyful etc:D
So if I eat "たい", this year will be hapy, joyful year for me^^ hehe
This is the main Osechi!!!!☆
As you can see there are many kind of osechi foods in it:D
By the way, do you know why do we eat Osechi on January 1st?:D
fufu today is quiz day!XD haha
Because these osechi foods have their own meaning to meet nice year :D
For example...
Shrimp: If you eat shrimp(えび), you will be able to alive loong time like until your born of back become shrimp like old people.
Herring roe: If you eat Herring roe(かずのこ), you are blessed with your baby ^^ Because, "かず" means "number", and "こ" means child/baby ^^
Beans: If you eat beans(まめ), you can work like beaver! まめにはたらく=working like beaver.

Actually I don't know some of their meaning so you can know reading this webpage:D
Wikipedia-sama!!XD haha

I have manyyyyyyyyyyyyyy things what I want to write about japanese cultural event what we do on new year day! so I will write little by little when I have time^-^ hehe

I am sorry for that I haven't written my blog recently^^;
I was being busy:P
I would like to write more often on future^^

Oooops! Let's do today's japanese lesson!XD

     Let's Remember Only One Useful Japanese Phrase ♪
I hope this year will be as good as last.

You can use ~なりますように when you wish/pray something.
I hope this dish become delicious~(while you cook!xD)