☆Happy Birthday☆

Guess what!!
I became 23 years old in last week on November 21th!!!!!*o*
YAY!! x)
Look at the photo!!
My father cooked super nice dinner for me!!!!*o* (Why not mother?xD haha)
I ate very much and drunk(*o*)y
Thank you papa!!!XD  
I had a cake and tea ^___^
My family sang birthday song to me~♪
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Yuki~
Happy birthday to youuuuuu♪XD
My fingers shows my ages "23" x) hehe

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooLook look!!!!!*o*
I got really nice presents from my family!!*__*
My father cooked really nice foods:D
My mother gave me the Hawaian mini bank*o*
And my sister gave me the African mask and giraffe paper knife and
coffee and tea and cookies*o*
I am so HAPPY*o*
I love such goods that is made in foreign country!!XD
Of course I have collected japanese cultural goods as well☆
Thank you very much papa mama and my sister!!*o*

I could meet really nice my birthday this year too^__^
I wish I can meet happy 23 years old in this year too^___^
I'd like to enjoy 23 years old!!!!hehe


~ I Was Taught Various Things About Japan By This Book ~

Do you know about your country well by the way?B)
Actually I had thought that I know well about my country, more than foreigner at least:3

However it was not!!*o*
I realized that I've not known about my country yet^^;;

Look at this book!!!!*o*
I knew about this book by news on TV few month ago!:D
This book has many information about Japan.
But not only typical information of Japan!:3
The writer is Spanish guy who love Japan:D hehehe^-^
His view point is really interesting!!:3
I knew that foreigner can have interesteing to the things that japanese people have not minded:D

For example~
Life of Otaku!XD
This page is written about "What is an Otaku?"  "The most common and well defined otaku types in Japan" etc~xD it is funny XD hehe
I am not Manga and Collect world's cultural stuff/food Otaku XDDDD hehe
What kind of otaku are you?B)

This pages says about "Life of a Student" and "Life of a Career Woman" and "Life of a Salaryman"
I would like to be friend with the writer XD and discuss about japanese things XD hahaha

This is about movie:D
hehe HERO movie and samurai movie and modern movie etc~
I think Hero movie like "仮面ライダー" or "ウルトラマン" , "ゴジラ" are really interesting ^-^

I am still on way to read this book though it's good for foreigner and japanese people who want to know about japan again:D hehe
And this book is written in english so it helps me to learn english^-^ fun fun:D
I would like to write original japan book like him*o* haha
I found this book at a book shop though, you can buy the book here if you want:3
I found this book on amazon:) My favorite shopping site on these days XD
hahaha I am late to follow the fashion xD
But take care when you buy something at amazon!!xP
You many buy too many things because of good price XD
I am the victim(=___=) haha
Anyway, enjoy Japan^____^

(English Amazon) 



~ Japanese Lesson 1 ~


Today, I would like to held Yuki's Japanese Lesson!!!! YaY
I don't have experience to teach japanese to someone seriously so I don't know the basic way to teach japanese but I would like to teach you only useful Japanese♪^^

First time of this lesson start from how to ask "What is this?" "What is it?" "What is that?" in Japanese:)

(1)What is this ?     これは何ですか?(formal)
                                KORE WA NAN DEAU KA?

                                KORE NANI?

(2)What is it ?         それは何ですか?(formal)
                                 SORE WA NAN DESU KA?

                                 SORE NANI?

(3)What is that ?   あれは何ですか?(formal)
                                 ARE WA NAN DESU KA?

                                 ARE NANI?

I am serious japanese teacher~♪B) hahaha
So let's try to use these japanese with me xD hahaha

You :  これなに?                         What is this?     
           KORE NANI?                 
Yuki:  これ? ジャガイモ♪          This one? A potato♪
           KORE? JAGAIMO♪                                     
You:   じゃーあれは?                  Then...What is that?
           JA~ ARE WA?                 
Yuki:  あれはジャガイモ!           That is a potato!
           ARE WA JAGAIMO!!    
You:   じゃーそれはなに?          Then...What is it?
           JA~SORE WA NANI?    
Yuki:  ジャガイモ!!                      A POTATO!!!!!!
           全部ジャガイモ!!(*O*)    Everything is potato!!
           ZENBU JAGAIMO!!

I should have written more sriously=__= haha
But I think you can understand how to use them:D
If you still don't know how to use them. please ask me^___^
Let's speak a lot with japanese speaker!!:D
Don't study a lot on your desk~xD
Enjoy japanese speaking^__^


~ ☆New Type Natto☆ ~

Surprising news!!!*o*
Look at the first picture!!
Did you think like..
"Oh~~ it's typical japanese meal~ boring boring~=__="
isn't it???
Look carefuly!!XD
What is this!?xD
This is natto but I guessed this is not normal natto!!!!B) fufufu
Look at the center of the natto!!
There is the guide how to make the natto taste perfect!!B)
That say like "Open the cover and split the cover like the picture."
I've never seen such convenient natto pack!xD haha

This is the typical natto package.
If you take the cover, there is a film and packed say souce and mustard on the natto!:P
You need to take the film away and open the two packages...xP
And sometime, when you try to open the soy sauce or mustard package, it can jet out to your face :..(
And the film is sticky cause natto...xO
It's really bothring=___=
HEY! But this new type natto is different!!xD
There is no film, no package on the natto!!!:O
Where are they?:O
I found they are!!xD
Look look!
They've hidden inside of the cover!!*o*

My father made the new type natto perfect at the end B)
Good job da~d♪B) 

How was the New Type Natto? haha
I thought it's nice!!x)
But I know greater natto than this one B)
I will post it on future~♪haha
Eat Natto and Be genki!!!


~ Would You Mind If I Talk To You?? ~


Today, I found a foreigner on a train when I was on way home.
He was sitting next to me. I guessed he is canadian because of he had a bag that have canadian flag mark~haha.
I wanted to try to speak with him though I hesitated to talk to him because of I am shy^^;;; Even to men XD

I was hesitating 5~10 minutes to talk to him but finaly I talked to him to summon courage!!!!!xO
I said "Excuse me..? Are you canadian..? with like this face → :T

He said "Yes I am! I am from Torronto:D Do you know Torronto?" with good smile!!!*o*
And I enjoyed talking with him in English and Japanese about 10 minutes on the train:D

However, you know his looking was not expected to talk with me before I talked to him, so I was worried about I might surprise him if I talked to him suddenly^^;;;;
And I am not used to talk to stranger so I was really "Dokidoki"(Beating my heart sounds)xP

Then I have a question to people who have been to Japan or people who want to go to Japan!!
If japanese people talk to you suddenly when you are in Japan for sightseen or whatever, how do you feel??
I am happy if foreigner talk to me!! but that's because I like to talk with foreigner!!
Ladies! Do you feel scary if you are talked by a japanese guy?xD kowai kowai?XD
Men!! Would you mind if japanese guy talk to you? haha

Give me your idea!!!^____^

~ Are Japanese People Cold? ~

Listen the people who have negative image to Japanese people!!

I've often heard that "Japanese people are cold" as typical negative image of japanese people.^^;;; sad:.(

But unfortunatly, we might be colder than everyone...(=__=) ←cold japanese people
I've some friends who live in Europe and American though, they often hug and kiss to cheaks of their family and friends. Sometime they do that to their friend of friend!!xP ほよよー!?XD(Ehhhh!?!?)

I don't have experience that I hug my family:O
It might surprise everyone though, Japan doesn't have such culture:O
Did you say "Ohhhh Japanese people are cold~xO"??xD
It's bit different!!
I love my family and I love my friends!!^___^
And of course, Japanese people like kiss and hug to their girlfriend/boyfriend!! Could I take away your worry?XD haha

However,  I think that japanese people are "Shy" and "Avoid to stand out" and "Excessive self-consciousness"^^;;;

That is why we hesitate to hug and kiss in public even though we want to, and we hesitate to talk to foreigner even though we want to.....>___<

That is not so good point actually^^;;;;
We should not avoid what we want to do.^^;; gomennasai!!!!!xP

Basicaly, japanese people like to talk with foreigner^__^
Japanese people are not good at speaking, comunicating in English so we are diffident talking in English with foreigner^^;;;
So please try to talk to us with brave!!!!xO

If you start to talk with japanese people, you will know that japanese people are not so cold~:)
We like to entertain people~^-^ (OMOTENASHI~♪) haha

So don't worry!! Come to Japan and talk to us!!xD
You will be able to have many japanese friends!!!!XD
And I can be one of them!!B) Yay haha


~ My Hobby ~

Do you have something your hobby?:D
Of course I have^-^
I like watching TV about world culture,traveling and so on.
I like playing tennis.
I like watching commedy show.
I like eating, listening, reading lalalalala~♪
BUT, especially, I like exchange letter and gift with my friend who live in other country!!:)
This month, I got two letters from CANADA and ITALY :D
They wrote the letter in Cute Japanese!!!x) hehehe

One time, I got Canadian chocolate from Canadian friend:D
It was really really sweet compare to japanese chocolate*o*
I was very surprised but I like to experience such thing^-^ hehe

And One time, I got French stuffs*__*
I am keeping these world stuffs very importantly!!:3

I have sent my friends "Hachimaki(band for forhead)" and "Japanese sweets and tea and snacks" and "japanese cultural stuffs" and letter!!^-^

I don't know I can say that is hobby but I loooove it very much^-^
I can enjoy when I send and receive!!
So it's more fun to buy just for myself!! x)

Tell me your special hobby if you have~haha^-^

If you think that is nice, try to do that with your friends who live in other country^______^
I candidate to be one of the friend! B) hahaha



~What Does Cute Mean For Japanese Girl?! ~

First of all, please try to answer following question.=_=

Do you think following things are cute?
Please answer by YES or NO
・Button (Yes. No)
・Tea (Yes. No)
・TV (Yes. No)
・Plastic bottle (Yes. No)
・Spoon (Yes. No)
・Eraser (Yes. No)
・Cloud (Yes. No)
・Mashroom (Yes. No)
・Hamburger (Yes. No)

How many Yes did you get?
If you got Yes even one thing, your way of thinknig is kind of same group with young japanese girl xD BE CAREFULL!XD aha

This time what I want to say is Japanese young girl say Cuuuute to everything!!xO
OMG serious problem=_=

So I searched the reason why japanese girl say cuuute to everything and I found it=__= fufu
But most of japanese men's answer of the problem is same with me.

Japanese girl want to be thought they are cute by saying "cuuute" a lot!

The rogic of the way of thinking of the girl B)
STEP1. Girl say CUTE to something that looks not cute.

STEP2. Boy began to think "Oh! she may cute because of she has good heart that
             she can think such normal thing is cute too.
STEP3.Girl say Cuuuuuuuuuuute to many things no matter what they looks.

STEP4.The boy fall in love to the girl...XD OMG

I think this is kind of exaggerate thing but it is not so far from the real!!
I want they to stop saying cute to everything^^;;;
It is kind of foolish and they are just revealing their poor expressive power.
umm but it is better than to say ugly, stupid, boring to everything though~ haha

How do you think about such young girl?XD
And how many YES did you get?B) haha
I got...one XD OMG XD
I think cloud is cute.. haha
see you soon^-^



Hello Sweet Lover B)
Do you know Dorayaki??B)
Mmmm maybe No~♪
So I let you know how tasty dorayaki is!!x)  happy?XD
Jajaaan!! This is the Dorayaki!!
You can buy mostly everywhere in Japanese supermarket or convenience store C:
What a big size this Dorayakiiii!XD
Normaly, it's more smaller than this one:)

There is "あんこ" and "くり" inside:D
あんこ is pasted sweet beans.
くり is chestnuts.
Dorayaki is sweety and ふわふわ(softy)*__* OISHI YAY
Even dog love Dorayaki!!(*Don't give Dorayaki to dog*xD)


I want your country's sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*o*
Tell me your favorite sweet of your country*__*


~ Donbee Oishii! ~

(I am full very much xD)

#どん兵衛# (Donbee)
I ate Donbee this lunch:D
Donbee is one of cup noodle of "Soba" and "Udon":D
I ate Soba Donbee today! x)
There is a Tempura as topping:D hehe


Wait Wait Maaa-kun!!XD (Maaa-kun is name of my dog)
It's oishi!!:D
Donbee is one of my favorite cup noodle x)

I want to know your country's popular cup noodle or your favorite cup noodle *o*
Please give me comments more everyone!
Don't be shy like japanese!!XD haha


~ Gakinotsukai ~

Do you know that I love watching TV?XD haha
So this time I would like to introduce one of my favorite japanese TV program ♪:D

Do you know "Gakinotsukai"??XD

That is one of Japanese famous funny TV program:D

・Funny Punishment Game1, 2
1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-pVz3_8xN0
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6apjMaMRl8

・Absolutely Tasty Tempura

・Silent Library


All of them are stupid programs but I like to watch such foolish TV program for having fun XD
I hope you can find your favorite funny japanese TV program^-^

~ Joke Beer??XD ~

Hello Eeeeeveryone!!!
Hey! Hey!!
I found such an odd article in Yokohama:D

Joke Beer?xD
Of course I bought it!!!B) cool~でしょ?xD(cool isn't it?)
Let's make beer!!!!XD

First, Let the tablets jump into cold water!!!!x) hehe

Finish!!XD haha
It looks like real beer!!
How is the taste..B)
GokuGoku(drinking sounds)
ummmm Oishi~!?xD
It taste not beer!!!!>,<
Like...an energy drink!!XD
Do you want to try?B) haha
I want to taste odd,rare,weird food and drinking or something of your country!!!!!!!!XD
Tell me!! I will buy it on internet or I will buy it there when I visit there XD


~ Who Appears Everywhere In Your Country? ~

This time is short post!

This is "Hello Kitty" that character is famous in Japan!!
I think you have seen this character.
I think Hello Kitty is in all survenior shops in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+_+

I took the photo in China town's survenior shop!!
Does your country have someone who are in everywhere like Hello Kitty??XD
Tell me!!^-^