~ Would You Mind If I Talk To You?? ~


Today, I found a foreigner on a train when I was on way home.
He was sitting next to me. I guessed he is canadian because of he had a bag that have canadian flag mark~haha.
I wanted to try to speak with him though I hesitated to talk to him because of I am shy^^;;; Even to men XD

I was hesitating 5~10 minutes to talk to him but finaly I talked to him to summon courage!!!!!xO
I said "Excuse me..? Are you canadian..? with like this face → :T

He said "Yes I am! I am from Torronto:D Do you know Torronto?" with good smile!!!*o*
And I enjoyed talking with him in English and Japanese about 10 minutes on the train:D

However, you know his looking was not expected to talk with me before I talked to him, so I was worried about I might surprise him if I talked to him suddenly^^;;;;
And I am not used to talk to stranger so I was really "Dokidoki"(Beating my heart sounds)xP

Then I have a question to people who have been to Japan or people who want to go to Japan!!
If japanese people talk to you suddenly when you are in Japan for sightseen or whatever, how do you feel??
I am happy if foreigner talk to me!! but that's because I like to talk with foreigner!!
Ladies! Do you feel scary if you are talked by a japanese guy?xD kowai kowai?XD
Men!! Would you mind if japanese guy talk to you? haha

Give me your idea!!!^____^

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