~ Japanese Lesson 1 ~


Today, I would like to held Yuki's Japanese Lesson!!!! YaY
I don't have experience to teach japanese to someone seriously so I don't know the basic way to teach japanese but I would like to teach you only useful Japanese♪^^

First time of this lesson start from how to ask "What is this?" "What is it?" "What is that?" in Japanese:)

(1)What is this ?     これは何ですか?(formal)
                                KORE WA NAN DEAU KA?

                                KORE NANI?

(2)What is it ?         それは何ですか?(formal)
                                 SORE WA NAN DESU KA?

                                 SORE NANI?

(3)What is that ?   あれは何ですか?(formal)
                                 ARE WA NAN DESU KA?

                                 ARE NANI?

I am serious japanese teacher~♪B) hahaha
So let's try to use these japanese with me xD hahaha

You :  これなに?                         What is this?     
           KORE NANI?                 
Yuki:  これ? ジャガイモ♪          This one? A potato♪
           KORE? JAGAIMO♪                                     
You:   じゃーあれは?                  Then...What is that?
           JA~ ARE WA?                 
Yuki:  あれはジャガイモ!           That is a potato!
           ARE WA JAGAIMO!!    
You:   じゃーそれはなに?          Then...What is it?
           JA~SORE WA NANI?    
Yuki:  ジャガイモ!!                      A POTATO!!!!!!
           全部ジャガイモ!!(*O*)    Everything is potato!!
           ZENBU JAGAIMO!!

I should have written more sriously=__= haha
But I think you can understand how to use them:D
If you still don't know how to use them. please ask me^___^
Let's speak a lot with japanese speaker!!:D
Don't study a lot on your desk~xD
Enjoy japanese speaking^__^

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