~ I Was Taught Various Things About Japan By This Book ~

Do you know about your country well by the way?B)
Actually I had thought that I know well about my country, more than foreigner at least:3

However it was not!!*o*
I realized that I've not known about my country yet^^;;

Look at this book!!!!*o*
I knew about this book by news on TV few month ago!:D
This book has many information about Japan.
But not only typical information of Japan!:3
The writer is Spanish guy who love Japan:D hehehe^-^
His view point is really interesting!!:3
I knew that foreigner can have interesteing to the things that japanese people have not minded:D

For example~
Life of Otaku!XD
This page is written about "What is an Otaku?"  "The most common and well defined otaku types in Japan" etc~xD it is funny XD hehe
I am not Manga and Collect world's cultural stuff/food Otaku XDDDD hehe
What kind of otaku are you?B)

This pages says about "Life of a Student" and "Life of a Career Woman" and "Life of a Salaryman"
I would like to be friend with the writer XD and discuss about japanese things XD hahaha

This is about movie:D
hehe HERO movie and samurai movie and modern movie etc~
I think Hero movie like "仮面ライダー" or "ウルトラマン" , "ゴジラ" are really interesting ^-^

I am still on way to read this book though it's good for foreigner and japanese people who want to know about japan again:D hehe
And this book is written in english so it helps me to learn english^-^ fun fun:D
I would like to write original japan book like him*o* haha
I found this book at a book shop though, you can buy the book here if you want:3
I found this book on amazon:) My favorite shopping site on these days XD
hahaha I am late to follow the fashion xD
But take care when you buy something at amazon!!xP
You many buy too many things because of good price XD
I am the victim(=___=) haha
Anyway, enjoy Japan^____^

(English Amazon) 


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