~ My Hobby ~

Do you have something your hobby?:D
Of course I have^-^
I like watching TV about world culture,traveling and so on.
I like playing tennis.
I like watching commedy show.
I like eating, listening, reading lalalalala~♪
BUT, especially, I like exchange letter and gift with my friend who live in other country!!:)
This month, I got two letters from CANADA and ITALY :D
They wrote the letter in Cute Japanese!!!x) hehehe

One time, I got Canadian chocolate from Canadian friend:D
It was really really sweet compare to japanese chocolate*o*
I was very surprised but I like to experience such thing^-^ hehe

And One time, I got French stuffs*__*
I am keeping these world stuffs very importantly!!:3

I have sent my friends "Hachimaki(band for forhead)" and "Japanese sweets and tea and snacks" and "japanese cultural stuffs" and letter!!^-^

I don't know I can say that is hobby but I loooove it very much^-^
I can enjoy when I send and receive!!
So it's more fun to buy just for myself!! x)

Tell me your special hobby if you have~haha^-^

If you think that is nice, try to do that with your friends who live in other country^______^
I candidate to be one of the friend! B) hahaha


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