~ ☆New Type Natto☆ ~

Surprising news!!!*o*
Look at the first picture!!
Did you think like..
"Oh~~ it's typical japanese meal~ boring boring~=__="
isn't it???
Look carefuly!!XD
What is this!?xD
This is natto but I guessed this is not normal natto!!!!B) fufufu
Look at the center of the natto!!
There is the guide how to make the natto taste perfect!!B)
That say like "Open the cover and split the cover like the picture."
I've never seen such convenient natto pack!xD haha

This is the typical natto package.
If you take the cover, there is a film and packed say souce and mustard on the natto!:P
You need to take the film away and open the two packages...xP
And sometime, when you try to open the soy sauce or mustard package, it can jet out to your face :..(
And the film is sticky cause natto...xO
It's really bothring=___=
HEY! But this new type natto is different!!xD
There is no film, no package on the natto!!!:O
Where are they?:O
I found they are!!xD
Look look!
They've hidden inside of the cover!!*o*

My father made the new type natto perfect at the end B)
Good job da~d♪B) 

How was the New Type Natto? haha
I thought it's nice!!x)
But I know greater natto than this one B)
I will post it on future~♪haha
Eat Natto and Be genki!!!

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