~What Does Cute Mean For Japanese Girl?! ~

First of all, please try to answer following question.=_=

Do you think following things are cute?
Please answer by YES or NO
・Button (Yes. No)
・Tea (Yes. No)
・TV (Yes. No)
・Plastic bottle (Yes. No)
・Spoon (Yes. No)
・Eraser (Yes. No)
・Cloud (Yes. No)
・Mashroom (Yes. No)
・Hamburger (Yes. No)

How many Yes did you get?
If you got Yes even one thing, your way of thinknig is kind of same group with young japanese girl xD BE CAREFULL!XD aha

This time what I want to say is Japanese young girl say Cuuuute to everything!!xO
OMG serious problem=_=

So I searched the reason why japanese girl say cuuute to everything and I found it=__= fufu
But most of japanese men's answer of the problem is same with me.

Japanese girl want to be thought they are cute by saying "cuuute" a lot!

The rogic of the way of thinking of the girl B)
STEP1. Girl say CUTE to something that looks not cute.

STEP2. Boy began to think "Oh! she may cute because of she has good heart that
             she can think such normal thing is cute too.
STEP3.Girl say Cuuuuuuuuuuute to many things no matter what they looks.

STEP4.The boy fall in love to the girl...XD OMG

I think this is kind of exaggerate thing but it is not so far from the real!!
I want they to stop saying cute to everything^^;;;
It is kind of foolish and they are just revealing their poor expressive power.
umm but it is better than to say ugly, stupid, boring to everything though~ haha

How do you think about such young girl?XD
And how many YES did you get?B) haha
I got...one XD OMG XD
I think cloud is cute.. haha
see you soon^-^

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