☆Happy Birthday☆

Guess what!!
I became 23 years old in last week on November 21th!!!!!*o*
YAY!! x)
Look at the photo!!
My father cooked super nice dinner for me!!!!*o* (Why not mother?xD haha)
I ate very much and drunk(*o*)y
Thank you papa!!!XD  
I had a cake and tea ^___^
My family sang birthday song to me~♪
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Yuki~
Happy birthday to youuuuuu♪XD
My fingers shows my ages "23" x) hehe

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooLook look!!!!!*o*
I got really nice presents from my family!!*__*
My father cooked really nice foods:D
My mother gave me the Hawaian mini bank*o*
And my sister gave me the African mask and giraffe paper knife and
coffee and tea and cookies*o*
I am so HAPPY*o*
I love such goods that is made in foreign country!!XD
Of course I have collected japanese cultural goods as well☆
Thank you very much papa mama and my sister!!*o*

I could meet really nice my birthday this year too^__^
I wish I can meet happy 23 years old in this year too^___^
I'd like to enjoy 23 years old!!!!hehe

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