HELLO ^__^
How have you been ??
Me, I have been busy to do my homeworks but now, I am OK!!^^
Last night Maaa-kun(my dog) got dirty because of he wents to walk very long time and played in a park and he kissed with many dogs.(OMG XD)  
This is the Maaa-kun.
He looked me with such creepy eyes :P
Do you wanna fight me??XD
As you can see, he is hairly and bit fat~.(o =__=  o)

Anyway, he was muddy so I took bath with Maaa-kun together~ xD
I washed his body well!!x)
I wish Maaa-kun can wash me~☆ haha

This is the cleaned Maaa-kun!!♪
Look! XD
He is skinny!!XD
Not Fat!!!!xD ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?
I was surprised and laughed a lot xD hahaha
He looks bit sad...xD haha 

This time was not about Japan xD sorry XD haha
Sometime, I might write about such normal thing of my daily life~ haha
Have a nice day^___^

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