~ Baby's Language In Japanese ~

Babuuuuuu!!!:3 (Hellooooo)
Babu babu bu?:o (How are you?xD)
I am sorry for being weird..XD aha
What did you do today~?^^
Me, nothing special~=_=
I just went to school today:P

This time, I would like to write about "Baby's Language in Japanese" xD
Why do I would like to about it? I don't know XD
It just got the idea when I was watching baby's video~ haha xD

Does your country have baby's language?:D hehe
Of course Japan have B)  Japan have everything~B) aha
Babuuuu is japanese baby's way of speaking by the way xD haha

For example!!

English          Japanese          Japanese baby
Cat                 ねこ                にゃんにゃん
Cow               うし                  もーもー
Dog                いぬ                わんわん
Pee                 おしっこ           しーしー

These baby's words are comming from the sounds of that have.
(ex. cat say "nya~nya~" in japanese)

English          Japanese           Japanese baby
Food              ごはん              まんま
Drink             のみもの           ぶぶ

They are type of words that is easy to sounds for japanese baby.
"ま、み、む、め、も" and "ば、び、ぶ、べ、ぼ" are easy for baby.


English               Japanese             Japanese baby
Ground father     おじいちゃん      じーじー
Ground mother   おばあちゃん     ばーばー

As you can see these words are repeated a character.

When we speak with a baby, we change "s" sound to "t","ch" sound.
For example:o
      おいしかった? (It was delicious?)

→  おいちかった?*o*

haha it's cute sounds for japanese x) hehe

Most of japanese mother use baby language when they talk to
their baby:D hehe

How about your country?:)
Teach me^____^

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