~ Japanese Lesson2 ~


Today, I would like to held japanese lesson!!!!*o*

Did you master the last japanese lesson??x) fufufu B)
If you didn't or if you didn't read it, you should review and check!!:D

This is the link:D

This time I want to tell you really important japanese!!*o* fufufu
Do you know how to say "Give me a present" in Japanese?x)
Give me blablabla is important sentence *o*

(1)Please give me a present.     プレゼントをください。(formal)
                                                  PUREZENTO WO KUDASAI

(2)Give me a present!!             プレゼントちょうだい!(casual)
                                                  PUREZENTO CHOUDAI

Did you got how to use "~ください" and "~ちょうだい" ?? B)
So let's try to use them!!:D


You:      これは何ですか?                   What is this?
              KORE WA NANDESUKA?

Yuki:     マグロです!                           This is Tuna!
              MAGURO DESU!

You:      じゃーこれください。                So..please give me this
              JA KORE KUDASAI               one.
              いくらですか?                         How much is it?
              IKURA DESUKA?      

Yuki:     10億円です~♪                         This is one billion yen~.
               JUU OKU EN DESU

You:       黙れ!いくら!!                        Shut up!! How much?
               DAMARE!! IKURA!?

Yuki:      1000円です :(                      This is 1000 yen... :(
                SEN EN DESU.

I am kind of joker so please be kind to me even if I annoy you by saying boring thing like this case... :( haha
Anyway I think you can understand how to use "~ください", "~ちょうだい"
Enjoy learning japanese~xD hehe

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