~ Are Japanese People Cold? ~

Listen the people who have negative image to Japanese people!!

I've often heard that "Japanese people are cold" as typical negative image of japanese people.^^;;; sad:.(

But unfortunatly, we might be colder than everyone...(=__=) ←cold japanese people
I've some friends who live in Europe and American though, they often hug and kiss to cheaks of their family and friends. Sometime they do that to their friend of friend!!xP ほよよー!?XD(Ehhhh!?!?)

I don't have experience that I hug my family:O
It might surprise everyone though, Japan doesn't have such culture:O
Did you say "Ohhhh Japanese people are cold~xO"??xD
It's bit different!!
I love my family and I love my friends!!^___^
And of course, Japanese people like kiss and hug to their girlfriend/boyfriend!! Could I take away your worry?XD haha

However,  I think that japanese people are "Shy" and "Avoid to stand out" and "Excessive self-consciousness"^^;;;

That is why we hesitate to hug and kiss in public even though we want to, and we hesitate to talk to foreigner even though we want to.....>___<

That is not so good point actually^^;;;;
We should not avoid what we want to do.^^;; gomennasai!!!!!xP

Basicaly, japanese people like to talk with foreigner^__^
Japanese people are not good at speaking, comunicating in English so we are diffident talking in English with foreigner^^;;;
So please try to talk to us with brave!!!!xO

If you start to talk with japanese people, you will know that japanese people are not so cold~:)
We like to entertain people~^-^ (OMOTENASHI~♪) haha

So don't worry!! Come to Japan and talk to us!!xD
You will be able to have many japanese friends!!!!XD
And I can be one of them!!B) Yay haha

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