Help me!!

Long time no see everyone!
How have everyone been?:)

I've been mm busy^^;;
But I am surviving:P

I am sorry for that I have not posted often like before recently...^^;;;;
I really have not much time to post and I work everyday so I can't find interesting thing in my daily life xP

If you want to contact me, please send me message on "LINE" or "SKYPE"

My LINE ID:11213221
MY SKYPE ID:kydttm99


AND! This time what I want to say everyone is, I am planning to go to abroad for one year from next year.

I said I would like to go to UK though it might be bit difficult because they accept only 1000 japanese people who come by working holiday visa.

So, I am planning to go to Australia as well.
If I can, I wanna go to "Gold Coast" !!!!!:)
Internet say there are many japanese restaurants and shops so it seems easy to find job for me there^-^

However, I have not enough money to stay there for one year by paying for living place so if you can let me stay there please tell me!!
Or if you know someone who can let me stay, or if you know some cheap apartment, please tell me^-^


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