~ My New Apartment in Tokyo ☆ ~

Long time no see!!
How have everyone been?:D
I've been busy and fine!!!:D

Guess whaaat!!!!!!!!!!!*o*
Finaly, I got my own new apartment in TOKYO!!!!!!*o*
My new living place is called "大井町" :D
You can see how town it is by google~haha B)
This is the building of my new apartment!!!:D

My apartment is 3 minutes far from the 大井町 station on foot.
And the price is 59,000yen per month included water fee!!
You can use water whatever you want!!*o* OMG!XD
Actually, that is very nice price in Tokyo!!!X)
I am lucky~ hehe
Hehe I was excited XD ahaha
As you realized, always there is a vendhing macine~XD haha

This is my room:D
There are two enough size of storages for clothes and futon!:D

This is my room!!!!*o*
It's clean but bit small you know XD
But, I am ok!!!!!
I am imaging what can I put in this room~♪^^


This is my kitchen....
Too small:.......(
I cannot cook well..
I have to がんばるーー!!!xD hehe
Tell me easy cooking of your country^-^ hehe
I would like to try to cook your country's cook!!:D

This is my bathroom and toilet:3
unit bath:3
mmm this is old style bathroom but it's ok! x)
There is nicest public bath near my apartment!(two minutes on foot XD)

This is my best friend XD haha
As you can see this bath is small^^;;;

This is a typical size of apartment for new worker!(I don't know how to say^^;; )
How differ to your country? X)
Give me your idea^-^
See you soon!!!!!^^

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