~ I Got Back To Japan From Europe!! ~

Long time no see!!
How have everyone been?:D

I enjoyed europe very much^-^
I would like to write about my europe trip later^-^ hehe

I have missed japanese food while I was in europe so I offered my father that cook japanese food please when I got back home!! haha

Actually, I had japanese food two times in UK .... XD hahaha It was oishii but It didn't make me satisfied of my feeling what I want to eat JAPANESE FOOD!!XD haha

My father cooked me these food for the night^-^

It was very oishiii and relaxing~haha
It realized me that I love japanese food XD hehe
Of course some of european foods were very oishiii xD fuuuu don't get angry european people XD I love your country's food too as I wrote!!xD

I am tired today so see you later^-^
I will try to write my blog more often this month haha

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