~ Special Japanese Late Night Meal ~

I just posted an article about UK though, I would like to post one more article today x)
Buuut, this time is not about UK :3
UK is next time~ haha

I got hungry 1 hour ago so I ate "Ochazuke" :P hehe
Do you know what is "Ochazuke"?:D

お茶漬け(Ochazuke) is "Rice with hot tea poured on it" in English:3 maybe XD
Many japanese people eat Ochazuke when they get hungry at late night.
Because of it is easy to cook and make your body warm and relaxing♪

However, I prefer "instant ochazuke" not hot tea.
This is the instant Ochazuke!!
You put it on rice bowl(not much rice) and pour boiled water!!


This is the お茶漬け!!!!*o*
mmm This ochazuke looks not so oishii....XD
But Taste nice!!^^
This is "Wasabi Ochazuke":D
You can get many kind of Ochazuke in Japan^-^

If you eat some thing special night food, tell me!!^-^
I want to know night food that you can eat when you are bit hungry at night :P hehe
教えてね~^-^ (Tell me ~)

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