I went to Okinawa in 2011's summer~:D
It takes about 3 hours by airplane from Tokyo to Okinawa:) (I live in Kanagawa though)
I really enjoyed Okinawa :D
Okinawa is so good nature and people are very kind, warm(hot..?),beautiful ocean,amazing coral, good food, anyway sooooo good!!!!
So I will show you some photos what I took in Okinawa~:) This is only side of Okinawa~ hehe

What is the name of the rock there is behind of me! (the man is me XD)
(answer is bottom of this page.)

I took this photo in "Churaumi Suizokukan"(Churaumi aquarium). This is biggest aquarium in Japan!!(http://oki-churaumi.jp/en/index.html)
kakkoiiii~(means cool!!)


This is famous statue of Okinawa!! Do you know that?:)
This is called "シーサー"(Shii-Saa-: i don't know how to write in english ^^;)
シーサー is kind of legend beast and they protect you from evil:)
The Left シーサー close its mouth and Right シーサー open its mouth as you can see.
It's beacause, by closing mouth, don't get any bad things come in like disaster and by opening mouth, get a lot of happiness:) I have many シーサー in my house XD so I will show you some day~:)
I took this photo on international street of Okinawa:)
This is kind of japanese popular mascot character:D
It's called "キューピーちゃん" (Kyu~Pi~chan: I am curious how english speaker pronouce this word haha)
It's cute?:D hehe


Do you know these characters?:D
Left one is "Ultra-man" and right one is "Godzilla" Both are so famous character in Japan x)
If you want to know about them, please ask to wikipedia~ haha

So many kind of fishes!! and it's looks beautiful isn't it?:D
But fish store's smell is so...horrible.....XD hahaha Kusai!!!!(bad smell)
anyway i think the taste must be good so please try it~ hehe

This is meat store:D

this store is horrible smell as well^^;;;;;  hehe but Okinawa's meat is very famous in Japan and very good taste:) try it too hehe^-^

A gollira chop!!!XD can you see it is like a gollira doing chop?:) hehe

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