~ Introduction ~

Hello everyone^_^
My name is Yuki Kimura. Nice to meet you!!
This is first time to write own my blog so I don't know what can I write though, I hope that people enjoy my blog on future^-^

As you already know, My english is not good so If you find something so strange point on my blog, please correct me XD hehe

Anyway, I would like to introduce myself :)

My name is Yuki Kimura you know, and I am 22 years old man(born in 1990). I got a job on these days!!yay!! The job is about creating TV program:) I am going to start the job from April 2014:)
I really really have interest in Foreign Country's Culture!!!!!!
Food, People, Fashion, Music, Love, TV, Sport, any genre!!x))
I will show you about me on future little by little~:D

I am going to write my daily life and introduce about JAPAN comparing foreign country .
So if you get interest in japan more by reading my blog , I am so happy!!!!!!

See you soon!!!!x)

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