~ Gacha Gacha ~


げんきー?:D(How is everyone?)
I am fine and full of my stomach cause I ate too much tonight...xO
おなかいっぱい。。(I am full...)
でぶっちょになった。。。(I got fat)

Anyway!! This time that I would like to show is  "Gacha Gacha" :D
hehe I like the sounds~ x)
Do you know what is Gacha Gacha?:D

This is Gacha Gacha boxes~ x)
I found them at electronics retail store though, mostly there is in game center or depertment store or on a street~ XD maybe anywhere XD

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
Toy Story!!:D
You can enjoy Gacha Gacha by 100 ~ 200 yen(about 2 dallars)
You put in the coins that is written on the box, and turn the handle right and then you can get one toy~ x)
Sometime you can find rare Gacha Gacha x) it's bit expensive..XD hehe

This is worm toy Gacha Gacha...who want?xD
This is Pokemon!!!!!:D
Pokemon is sugoi...still popular~ :O

It's just few kind of Gacha Gacha though, you can find Gacha Gacha so much when you visit Japan:D
Especially "Akihabara" have a lot of Gacha Gacha!!!!!!!xD
I will show you Akihabara one day^-^

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  1. That's interesting!! I would like to try the cooking toys Gacha Gacha :)

  2. Hehehe^__^
    Yes there is cooking toys Gacha Gacha too:D
    There are everything what you imaged~xD haha maybe~