~ Japanese Crawded Station ~

Konbanwa from Japan~:D
I don't know what time in your country though here is midnight!!:)

By the way, How do you think about your country's station?
clean? dirty? big? small? or something else?

In Japan, the thing is really depend on a station though, my city's station is so crowded!!
Especially morning and last train of a day is horrible XD

Look! this is the nearest station from where I live.
I live in local town though as you can see there are so many people in a morning in the station!

 This is Yokohama station's platform and around 8:00am !!
 And you can see the second photo after you down stair of the platform and through a gate!


How do you think about the station?
Your coutry's station is more crawded? or totally different? x)
I am curious to your country's station~ TELL ME!!XD 

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  1. あっ、横浜に住んでる?濱マイクの映画に見た。^^

    The trains system in Spain has nothing to do with the Japanese. Most of the people use their own car, and there isn't a "public transport culture" like in Japan.

    But thanks to corruption we have airports even in really small towns. (T_T)

  2. はい!
    I live in Yokohama:D
    濱マイクの映画?:O 観たことないな~^^;;

    OH!! Train is expensive? or not so useful??

    Thanks to corruption?XD haha
    ohhh!! really??
    there are about 100 airports in Japan though, what about Spain?

    1. I'm not sure why people doesn't use more the train. I guess it is not very useful. I think that our trains system is not planned to carry people to their jobs every day. For example, if I were to use public transport to commute, I'll need to use bus → train → metro, which would take too much money and time. それで自分の車を使ってる。^^

      100?! So much?! I guess it's due to the fact that Japan is a 島国. In Spain there are about 50, and lots of them in the islands.


      Since in the last years some airports has been build by political parties just to get some illegal funding, now there are airports in small towns without customers nor planes. It's really a tragicomic situation. ^^U

    2. I think Japanese train can come on time so that is why we use train often:)
      And It's faster to drive a car than train(comare to place where you go though)but It's difficult to find parking area and it's bit expensive:P
      That is why train is useful as transportation:)

      YES!! it's so much!
      and some of them are not useful^^;;;

      ohhh! I see. Maybe Japan also should do that^^;;;

  3. In Sweden the stations are small and if there's more than 20 people the bus is "crowded" and we choose another bus instead. Also the stations are incredibly far away from each other, maybe 2-3km or so. In the bigger towns we have denshya and in Stockholm we have a subway-system. The stations are though really clean.

    Most of the Swedish prefer to take the car because the public transport is twice as expensive and always late ;)

    1. To--Alele
      I see!!:D
      It's interesting XD
      If you do such thing in japan, you never get on a train XD
      Sweden is cold country so you should get a crowded train!!x)
      It makes you warm:O

      Yes It's same with my image:D Sweden seems so clean:)

      twice!?!? so expensive:O
      Japanese train is so useful as you know~:D haha

    2. Yeah I know, but swedes doesn't like to stand close to each other. In Japan, your private space is your head, because you are forced to always stand close to each other. But in europe, our body is our private space. Do you understand the difference? This is why japanese never looks into another persons eyes on the train. In Sweden we stare at each other, but we never touch someone^^

      Sweden is maybe clean, it depends on which season haha. When the snow has disappeared there's a lot of trash until the cleaning staff has taken it away.

    3. Yes I do!
      hahaha It's interesting:D

      ohhh XD
      They hide their trash in snow!XD bad~~ haha