~ Japanese Crawded Station ~

Konbanwa from Japan~:D
I don't know what time in your country though here is midnight!!:)

By the way, How do you think about your country's station?
clean? dirty? big? small? or something else?

In Japan, the thing is really depend on a station though, my city's station is so crowded!!
Especially morning and last train of a day is horrible XD

Look! this is the nearest station from where I live.
I live in local town though as you can see there are so many people in a morning in the station!

 This is Yokohama station's platform and around 8:00am !!
 And you can see the second photo after you down stair of the platform and through a gate!


How do you think about the station?
Your coutry's station is more crawded? or totally different? x)
I am curious to your country's station~ TELL ME!!XD