~ Job Hunting ~

How is everyone?:)
I am fine!!!!^-^

Today, I cleaned my room so I found a book!!:D
This is a book for university student who want to get a job!!
This book help you to have knowledge that you need to pass the job hunting test x)

In Japan, student need many kinds of general knowledge to get a job even if it is not related with the job what you want.

ummm I don't like the system though if you want to have job in japan, you may need to study mathmatic, science, english, japanese kanji, blablabla ~~♪ aha  NYAAAA xO


For exmaple, This one!
I learned capitals of the world ~ umm useful for your job?XD

Goverment and News ~ x)
I think it need for normaly if you are adult ~ but I don't know well about them...aiya~~XD
note note note ~♪

Kanji ~ ♪ x)
I can read kanji ~ yay yay ~ x)
Can you?XD
And there are still some more subjects like math, english, physics, history etc but not difficult one.
Just basic!! x)
And of course it's for student who doesn't have any skill for the job what you want. So if you have good skill for the job, you can get the job!!!!x)

I am curious what your country's student do for getting a job ~ x)
おしえてちょ!!(Tell me cho!!XD)

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  1. Is the same in Spain. I was forced to study even Latin!!! WTF! Obviously, I can't remember nothing but the beginning of the "rosa, rosae, rosam" declination, and can't remember even what the hell means each one of those forms of the "rosa" (バラ) word. ><

    But other thinks are useful, like English. ^^

    Is a shame we don't study Japanese at school, but I heard of some schools which are teaching Chinese.

    I can read kanji!! (^o^)/ Well, 'some' kanji. ><

    It seems interesting that page. I looked for 利く and 効く (the firs example) in a dictionary, and are listed as the same word, but there must be any difference, right?

    この薬はよくキク。 It must be 効く, because the first example is 「気が利く」。Right? ^^

  2. OH!! really???
    what kind of job do you do?
    Latin is not used now isn't it?
    hahaha it's bothered to remember~XD

    haha not shame^-^ I want to learn spanish though, we don't learn spanish at school unfortunatly even though spanish is used many countries~

    Yes!! you seem you read kanji well!!!!:D
    And your japanese is perfect so far:D hehe good x)

    Some japanese can make mistake^^; me either~ haha

    1. 仕事にソフトを作る。ゲームみたいなソフトじゃないけど、つまらないソフトしか作らない。^^


      "Shame" has two meanings. "It's a shame" means something like "bad luck". ^^

      No, my Japanese is not perfect. I can't read nothing but maybe very simple texts. And I can't understand a word of spoken Japanese. TT

      That image seems interesting, I'm gonna upload it to G+. ^^

  3. そっか:D
    But programmer is needed everywhere in the world^-^
    So you can find a job almost anywhere:D it's good thing^^

    okay x) gracias :D

    nevermind x)
    If you already know such japanese, your japanese will be better smooth~:D