~ Service Area ~

おはよう!(Good morning)
This time, I would like to show you Japanese Service Area!!:D
I stopped by few service area when I was on way to go to Kyoto from Tokyo by bus:)

This is a japanese service area:D
I think service area is always clean and have many kind of food shop:D

This is the inside of the service area:D
There are so many surveniours in it:D
Can you see Mt.Fuji-chan?XD haha kawaii~x)

Ohhh xD
ぽよぽよ(poyo poyo *softy)Qoo-chan!!xD
It's jelly-juice x) hehe oishiiiii*o*
Don't worry Hello-Kitty fan!!xD
You can buy so many kinds of Hello-Kitty goods at service area!!xD

 Kitty-chan is everywhere in Japan~

This is a second service area where I stopped by:)
I think some people go to service on weekend for having fun because of service have a lot of things!!:D

How do you think about Japanese service area?:D
I want to know your country's service area!!:D
If you have something photo, please let me see it:D I would be happy!!!!xD haha

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