~ Sushi at Good Sushi Restaurant And at My House! ~

I have time today so I will try to post a lot~x) hehe
This time, I would like to show you "Sushi":D
The first photo is at really good Sushi restraunt:D I went to such good sushi restraunt first time!!
Actually, it's so expensive>< thank you my fatherrrr>___< haha
maybe one sushi is about 5 dollars or more~^^;;;;;;;
But the taste is so good and atomosphere as well!!!!:) 
This two photos are also Sushi as well though, it's made at my house:D hehe
The first photo's sushi is typical sushi though, the second one is called "temaki sushi":D
"te" means "hand" and "maki is rolling" :) so you can make sushi by yourself on a table using fresh fish and nori(the black one). Nori is made of seaweed and it's dried out:D

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