~Crazy Disaster In Japan~

Hello Everyone!!
Long time no see!!
How have you been??
I am ok! ^-^
I am sorry for that I haven't written my blog on these days^^;;
I hope everyone forgive me!XD haha

One Biiig Typhoon have been here since  2 days ago!xO
Especially, yesterday's morning was horrible>___<
All of JR were stopped that are run around Tokyo and Kanagawa and Saitama and Chiba!!xP
So most of people couldn't go to work and school yesterday...xP

And, some house's were taken away by the huge typhoon!!!!xO
I am terribly sorry for the people who live in Tohoku..><
They began to recover from the last huge earthquake though,some of their effort were taken away by typhoon again>_____<
If earthquake and Typhoon happen at the same time, it must be so terrible>____<
Both are often happen so it cannot say that never happen>__<

Now, it's already gone so I am ok now.
Don't worry! haha

I'm going to school right now!
See you later!!
Have a nice day!!!!^___^

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