~ School Girl's Speaking Way Is OMG!! ~

こにゃにゃちわ~!!xD (こんにちは)
(Today, I would like to introduce about weird words of Japanese girl highschool student!) 
Japanese young girl like to make their original weird words xD
Actually I often cannot understand what does the girl's word mean XD crazy~ haha
So ... DON'T REMEMBER the girl's speaking way that I write from now!!!xD haha

This means like...evolution version of Cute(kawaii). (maybe きゃわたん thing is cuter than かわいいthing?XD)

おこ is abbreviation for おこる(angry) weird xD

イケ is abbreviation for イケてる(cool).
様 is Mr. Mrs. Miss. Ms.
イケ様 means like .. cool guy!!(not for girl)
*ugly guy is called 沼(numa: mad...xI)*

リア is abbreviation for リアル(real)
充 is abbreviation for 充実(ju-jitsu:full, enriched)
リア充  is people who are spending enriched life.
Mostly it's pointed people who have a boyfriend/girlfriend

K is 空気(kuuki: air, atomosphere)
Y is 読めない(cannot read)
KY is people who cannot read/understand the atomosphere/situation.

How do you think Girl's speaking way??XD
I don't like such words actually^^;;;
sounds foolish^^; but sometime, it's nice xD but it's rare case~ haha

I give you a homework!!!!
What do you think what does "チョベリバ(Choberiba)" mean??xD
チョベリバ is abbreviation for one japanese word and two english words.
And the opposite word is "チョベリグ(Choberigu)" XDDD OMG

I will write the answer next time's post x) hehe