~ CUTE!?~

Hello everyone!!!!:3
How is everyone doing?:D
TELL ME!!XD haha
I am fine~:D YAY

Today, I want to ask you one thing!!:D
Look at the picture!!(*o*)y
This is a sponge sponge for washing your body!!:D
He/She? helps you to clean your body!!!*o* kawaii!!XDD haha
This is just 100yen:...( what a good baby..xO
I love this smile poyopoyo-chan!!!!!xD
What a face is this baby~?xD haha
My sister bought the pants...ummm weird~♪ ahaXD

This is for pair look shirt(maybe)xD haha
Actually I can't wear such T-shirt outside but I think this is cute xD aha


Bigggg Poyopoyooooo!!!!!
Wear such cloth foregner who read my blog!!!!!XDDDDDDD
You can be cuter if you wear it xD haha
I am curious how does the cutie sing~♪ haha
I guess....Fa~~Fa~~ xD haha

How do you think such character?:O
Do you think this is cute or No??
Tell me everyone~~B) mohaha Fa~fa~~(bye-cha~)xD

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