~Famous Local Ramen Restaurant~

(Today, I would like to introduce the famous Ramen restaurant where is in Yokohama!!)
This is the Ramen!!!!x)
It's first time to go to the ramen restraunt though it taste pretty good!!!!*o*
I guess that the soup is made of pork and soy sauce and special secret foods B)
anyway OISHII!!!!*__*  
This is the kitchen(?) where they make Ramen!!!!:D
wow...as you can see there are many people in the kitchen!!!!:D
And they wear "Hachimaki" on their forhead B) hehe
After I finished to have a ramen, and went out from the restraunt, there were a lot people who were waiting to eat the ramen!!!!!! OMG
I was lucky~~♪
I didn't wait at all~ fufufu B)

Is there any popular ramen shop in your city??x)
Or what restaurant is such a popular in your city??:D hehe
Tell me with photo!!xD or just url is ok x) whatever~ B)