~ Don't Come To Japan Cool Foreigner Men!!!!XD ~

Hello everyone:)
Today, I would like to warn to cool foreigner men!!!!!!!XD
The following arguments are from me and my japanese friends one!!

I do part time job at American bar and I often see the couple they are Japanese woman/Foreigner man. But I don't see the opposite pattern. :..( (Japanese man/Foreigner woman) SAD!!XD

Do you know how many japanese women live in Japan?
It's about 60 millions women live in Japan.
BUT, you know Japan is one of the long life expectancy country!!
So, the women who are single and want lover are small percents!!!!
Japanese men as well.

ATTENTION!!A lot of cool foreigner men get the japanese women but it's rare foreinger women do that.
So, Many japanese poor men produced at that time!XDDDD

Many Japanese men cannot be aggresive and attractive to such cool foreigner men because of japanese men are not used to be aggresive and shy and it's hard to break the character!!

We cannot touch women naturaly.
We cannot say sweet things to women naturaly like YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

LISTEN!!!!!!If you want to visit Japan, please keep the following promises!
1. Wear weird clothes. (costume like a woman, make up and so on. Think yourself!!)
2. Don't show your smile to the japanese ladies.(please!!XD haha)
3. Get fat as soon as you can.

That's it!XDDDDD

It's kind of joking though half of them are true!
Please wait until we will be cool!!XD

They are my friends who arugued with me!XD

Sorry for complain guys..XD
forgive me only this time.haha
Please come to Japan everyone!xD
You are welcome!! haha

Be more ugly please next time when you visit Japan~♪ haha

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