~ My Favorite Japanese Fast Food ~

Hello everyone!!!!!!
How have you been???x)
I have been busy to do my homework, school, part time job, look for apartment, blablabla^^;;
But I am enjoying!!^^

Today I would like to introduce everyone my favorite japanese fast food!!!!*__*
What do you think what is my favorite fast food??B) difficult??B) hah

I love "SUKIYA" xD
You can enjoy a bowl of rice topped meat and some toppings on it!!:D (I am sorry for my terrible english xD)

This is the outside of the SUKIYA^-^
This is the inside :D
Always many people in the SUKIYA that is near by my university!!
I have seen some international students in SUKIYA so I guess you can enojoy the food too!!^-^
This is the food what I ate today~~x)
Meat Rice Bowl with Cheese topping (large size)
It's 490yen (probably)
I love cheese!!!!!!*__* hehe

How was the SUKIYA?:D
I think it's really nice fast food shop!
Cheap, make you full, tasty, there are many taste of foods, and FAST!!x) hehe

I want to know your country's good fast food restraunt:D
Give me your recommend!!^-^ hehe

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