~ Is This Boy's Comic Magazine ?? ~

But now, it's late night so please be quite:x shiiii~

Please attention ladies and gentle men!!B)
Now I would like to debate with you what do you think about japanese style boy's magazine.
This is one of Japanese magazine for boy.
The name is "Young Jump"
As you can see, the magazine's cover is sexy girl in bikini! *___* OMG
But inside of the magazine is composed by some kind comics and some bikini girls pages OMG xD
The contents of the comics are really for boy~. (Sometime bit sexy though*_* omg XD)
As you can see, the magazine is put like this.
It's comic magazine area:D
There are many such kind of magazines in Japan!!!!xP
sometime it's weekly, sometime monthly.
And most of their cover is girl in bikini :O

What do you think about it??
I am used to see the magazine so I don't feel anything and I don't care at all.
But I guess it's bit strange for other country's people!
(I want to hear your opinion:D)
Give me your comments x) hehe

My favorite comic magazines are "Weekly Jump for boy" and "Weekly Magazine for boy" XD haha
Naruto and ONE PEICE is in Jump:D

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