~ What Is Goukon!? ~

Happy Haloween Everyone!!B3 fofofofo~♪
How is everyone doing~~?B3
I am fine!!!!
Did you costume as something for the Haloween day???*o*
I weard "cat ears" for the Haloween when I am working on the day!!XD
I wanna see everyone's costumed photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!*o*
Show me show me!!!!:D hehe

But today, I would like to introduce about what is "Goukon" because I didn't have a chance to take any photo for Haloween:...( kanashiiii(saddd) XD

Goukon is party for the people who are single men/women who want to have girlfriend/boyfriend!!
Enjoy drink and eating with people want to have lover:D (someone is for enjoying the time to drink and eating with people)

Usually, someone gather its friends of women and men for setting of a Goukon but, on these days, you can take part in Goukon even if you don't have friends.

Look at the photo!!:D
It's Goukon setting company's advertisement!!
You can take part in a Goukon by just making your account on the website.
I've never done a Goukon though, it seems very easy to take part in a Goukon!!:O
This is Haloween Goukon!!XD
50 men & 50 women who are single.
You wear mask like the  photo!!!XDDDD ehhhhhh xD
It seems fun to take part in such special Goukon with friends!!xD haha
Trick or Treat??xD haha

Does your country have such party for looking for your lover?:D
Tell me please everyone!!!B3 Or Trick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
Bye - Cha:3
Have a nice day^-^

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