~ Gate Ball ~

Hello everyone~:D
ユキは家でのんびりすごしています~ x)
(I am spending relaxing time in my home )

Today, I went to walk out this morning :)
So, I saw old people who enjoyed Gate Ball :D

Gate Ball is popular sport with old japanese people x)
Gate Ball was invented in Japan.
I don't know well the rule of the sport though, it seems like putter golf:O
They often play Gate Ball in a park with old people friends x) ehehe
You may see them if you go to a park in a morning in Japan ~ x)

Japan is one of  long life country though, the Gate Ball might be one of the reason x) hehe

As you can see, men and women enjoy the Gate Ball together^-^
Ohh love love??xD

I would like to enjoy Gate Ball if I could live until 70 years old ~ hehe

Does your country have such popular sport that is enjoyed by many people or old generations like the Gate Ball?:D
I have seen nice exercise in Vietnam!!!!:D
This is the photo x)
I took some videos and photos though, my datas were gone....kanashii...
This is the only photo what I have..xO buu
My Memoryyyyy XD


Give me comments ~ ^___^

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