~ MoshiMoshi!? ~

Good morning everyone:)
now, it's 8:40am in Japan:P
How is everyone?:D

Today I would like to teach everyone what to say when you get a call in Japan B)
This is the phone of my house :)
The cray figure is speaking with someone....BP (I am sorry for the such weird photo..xD) 
Anyway!! Do you know what japanese people say when they get a call?:D
We say......"MoshiMoshi!!!!"x)  (don't say loudly please xD haha)

trivial knowladge~♪
"Moshi" was became of "申す(mousu)"
Mousu is humble expression of "Say" in Japanese. B)

What do you say when you get a call in your country?:D
Please tell me^__^


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