~ What Is Ear Beauty Salon?? ~

Hello everyone!!^__^
How is everyone doing?:)
I am exhausted cause hot weather...XP
Japan is still hot...xD
But I am ok x) hehe

Today, I would like to introduce everyone one of nice japanese culture!!:D Yay Yay XD
Does your country have "Ear Beauty Salon"? or like.. "Cleaning Ear" ?:D

If you have never experienced it, you should try it in Japan!!!!:D
Everyone say "Kimochii~~"(Good feeling~) XD haha
Unfortunatly, I still have not tried it though, I wanna try it some day!!!!:D hehe

This is the image picture of japanese ear beauty salon:D
This is my Mimikaki XDDD ahahahaha bit shy to show it actually..XD
Japanese people often clean your ears by mimikaki^-^
・Mimi: Ear(s)
・Kaku: pick? scrach? something like that ~ XD (sorry for my lack of vocabulary^^;)

You can buy the stuff ummm at depertment store or japanese cultural shop :)

I would like to know your country have such kind of Salon or your own country's strange salon x)
If you are curious to the Ear Beauty Salon, you can see the video from the following link.


And this is the website.
Unfortunatly, there is no english on the website^^; Ganbatte!!!!!XD

Tell me your own country's strange or good salon!!bye-cha:D

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