~ Japanese Special Skill Is Sleeping Everywhere ~

How is everyone?:)
Tired? So you should sleep like them!! 
I took the photo on a train :D hahaha (it's kind of accident forgive me..XD)
The all guys who were sleeping in front of me were sleeping as you can see..XD haha
Actually, I also often sleep on a train^^;;
But it's really everyday scenes on a train ~ x)

Japanese people sleep everywhere ~ XD
Izakaya(japanese style bar), train, bus, class room, library, everywhere~XD haha
They sleep even while standing on a train!!!!professional to sleep B)

How about your country?:)
Does your country's people have such haibt?:)
Or you shouldn't sleep in a public place??:O
Please tell me^-^


I started to school from today so I might lose time to post ^^;
I will do my best to post everyday!!!!:)
And I would be happy if you spread my blog to your friends and I wanna exchange culture with a lot of people!!:D 

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