~ How Japanese People Find Their Part Time Job? ~

Hello everyone^-^
Last time when I went to Tokyo, I found a town work at a station and I thought I can write about it on my blog so I will show you about how to japanese people find their part time job!!!:D

Look!! this is one of popular magazin that offer of  part time job:D
I was taken care of the magazine so much XDD
This magazine's name is " TOWN WORK " !!!!!
This is inside of the magazine ~ x)
You can find a good part time job what you want ~ :D
Oh by the way, I typed "DOUTOR" first time though, it's different spelling what I have been thought !!:O
Where is the DOUTOR made in?:O
Anyway, you can get 950 yen (9.5$) per hour at least!!:D
good good x) 

Hiii This is MOS BURGER :D

You don't need part time job experience x)
Just need nice smile ~ ^____^

This is also not needed your skill!!
You will be good at massage if you start the job!!xD
ohhh good good~♪

Game center staff!!!!
This advertisement says their job dress got NO.1 Cutest dress generetion election!!XD
ummm all of girl should wear the dress!!!!!!!XD
The last one is about typical japanese restraunt x)
Their uniform is also cool ♪ x)

Wow!! working at the sushi restraunt is good payment*o*
you can earn 1100yen(11$) per hour at least!!*o* wow...
I want the job!!XD


How was the "TOWN WORK" ?: D
I guess your country also have such kind of advertisement though, is there any difference?:D
Please tell me your job offer advertisement^-^
It can be interesting for me x) hehe


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  1. Ohhh!!! really?:D Sounds interesting!!x)
    I have never seen job offer of stripper on the job offer magazine and newspaper anyway:O
    ohhh I see:O
    I didn't know that Poland is such hard to get job:O
    Where do they usually go abroad to work?:O

    1. We said that "the employer wants an employee who is 20 years old and 30 years of work experience. He knows eight languages​​, has all the variants of the license and etc."
      Usually all go to England or Germany. There, on the kitchen sink you'll get more than when you being a manager here.

  2. Hello Damian-san^^
    Monster.com?? Sounds funny xD
    I will search it on later x)

    I think that it's not difficult to get a part time job in japan x)
    And not so bad payment but If you want get "JOB" not part time job, it's bit difficult ~.

  3. Thank you very much Damian-san^___^

  4. I'm follow yours blog. I hope you follow me ^^