~ What Is Your Place Character ?? ~

Hello everyone:D
How is everyone doing?:)

Ummmm I write almost same greeting everytime .. I want something original greeting though...xD
I am seeking new nice greeting instead Hello!!XD haha

By the way, This time, I am going to introduce everyone about japanese "Yuru-Chara"!!:D

There are many Yuru-Chara that in Japan!!
They are like your town, place's mascot characters!!:D

Look the first photo please!!:D
The black bear name is "Kuma-mon"(kuma=bear, mon=...monster?) XD
It's one of popular Yuru-Chara in Japan ~ x) かわいい???XD

They lives follwing places ~ XD haha
When you visit Japan, try to find the Yuru-Chara XD haha


This is the event that a lot of Yuru-Chara gathered at one place!!!!!XD
It's heaven isn't it??XD haha

I haven't known my place's Yuru-Chara so I searched the character !! XD
The left one is my town's Yuru-Chara....XD umm kawaii kawaii XD haha
But I prefer right side Yuru-Chara though! buu XD
ON??xD hhahaha cute!!!XD

How was the Yuru-Chara??? haha
I like such weird character and I love such Japan XD haha
Does your country have such mascot character?? x)

Even though I don't think I wanna make money by blog ad though, I began to put advertisments on my blog to lunch bit more!!(umm It can mean I want money..? hahaha )
I am curious to what kind of advertisements are putted on my blog seen from your PC:D
I hope that nice ad is on your page!!!!^-^
And I would like to write Yuki Japan more and I want to exchange culture to talk with everyone!!:D

Bye-cha!! x)

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