~The Mysterious Of Japanese Coins ~

Hello everyone:D

How was your weekend?:)

I went to see the show of my friend:D

By the way, today I would like to introduce everyone about Japanese coins♪:D
Do you know how many kinds of coins are in Japan?:D
There are "Six" kinds of coins!!:)

1yen,5yen,10yen,50yen,100yen and 500yen:)   (100yen is about 1$)

Do you know what figure would it be if you plus all of the coins?:D (I hope you could understand my bad english^^;;;)

Let's check together:D
1+5+10+50+100+500= B) ← I just like the face XD
Hi! the answer is "666"
Hi!! Did you notice the mysterious? B)
Everything is SIX
Japan have Six kinds of coins and if you plus all of them, it would be SixSixSix!!!!:D
ummm kowai...XD haha

It is really useless information though, it's bit mysterious isn't it?xD haha

How many kinds of coins does your country have?:D
Please tell me about your country's money knowledge even trivial thing~ x) hehe



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