~ Incredible Japanese Weird Name ~

How is everyone? (+_+)y  ← umm nice nice♪ xD
I am fine!!x) hehe

Hey! I watched such a weird news few days ago!:O
The news was about "The parents who named wierd name to their child >< "
It was so terrible news^^;;;;

For example, 龍飛伊 . Do you know how to read it? Try to read for japanese people too!!
It is "Luffy" of ONE PEICE!!!!xO
Some japanese people might read it though, it's horrible isn't it?^^;;

Next, 光宙.  This is "Pikachu"...xP

The other else

・運子: unko(shit,poop)
・日ッ飛:Hit (Hit of baseball)
and so on....

Everything weird..xP

I cannot understand why their parents named such name to their child...xP

It's special weird name though, many parents began to name odd name to their child in Japan:/
like kind of impossible to read one><
I think the parents are stupid and their parents also stupid and their ancestors as well...
I am sorry for my bad wirtting.xP

What do you think about the problem?
And does your country have such problem?
I hope it doesn't though..xO

Have a nice day!!!!:)

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