~ Minn Minnn Minnn Minnnnn !!!!!! ~

How is everyone?:D
I am fine though it's rainy today so I feel depressed little bit~^^;;
Maybe summer will be gone and autumn will come ~ x)

So today, I would like to show is "せみ(Semi)" :D
Do you know what is "Semi"?("セミ"ってなにかしってる?)
It's kind of summer insect and they scream so much every summer XDDD
They live under the ground about 3 ~ 17 years (What!?!?XD so long range XD )
And their imago stage is about 1 ~ 2 weeks:O

They are always screaming while they are adult xD (that is why they die soon? haha stop screaming for you and us semi-channnn XD)

Anyway I took the video of semi when they were screaming ~:D
I am sorry^^; my video quality is not good ^^;;;
This semi scream like "Miiiin Minnn Minn Minnnnnnnnnnn!!" XD haha
And The semi's name is "Min Min zemi" XDD haha
But it feel me summer season xD
This semi screams like "Tsuku Tsuku boooshi Tsuku Tsuku boooshi" isn't it?XD
That is why the semi name is "Tsuku Tsuku Boushi" XDDD haha cuuuute XD

I don't like the last one's screaming wayyy XO
Just urusaiiiii XDDD ahaha
I don't know the semi's name ~
Shut up pleaseeeee!!

Finish ~~ :3
How was the semi's voice? x)
It annoyed you or it was cute?xD
I like semi though sometime so urusai XD
Give me your comment please^-^

You know this is the first time to put videos on my blog though, what do you think about such blog?:O
You prefer only photos? or you like video??:O

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