~ Meat + Fish + Vegatable + Noodle + Soup = NABE ~

Hello Food Lover!!
Do you know what is Nabe?
Okay then I will introduce everyone what is Nabe!! nyahaha

Nabe is one of Japanese food that is usually eaten in winter:D
Nabe can make your body warm from inside because of it's hot hot hot x) hohoho
You can put whatever you want into the nabe XD
Look! My family put the foods into the Nabe x)

This is "Kimuchee Nabe":D
Kimuchee is Korean spicy food:D hehe
So this is kimuchee taste Nabe!!:D
As you can see there are many kind of food in it x)

You can take food from the Nabe:D
(Why is there cheese powder?XD haha crazy XD)


おいしそう!!!!♪(It's Looks delicious!)

After finished eating, you can enjoy RAMEN XD hahahaha
And get fat!!!B) cool~♪ haha

This is my family style of Nabe!!:D
Some family put rice for the last meal(My family do as well..XD haha)
How was Japanese Nabe?:D
I want you to try cooking and eating !!(^o^)/
Just make soup whatever you want and put it into nabe with food♪ hehe
And Send me the photo if you cook your original Nabe!!!XD hehe
じゃーまたね!!(See you later)

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