~ Japanese Receipt ~ 日本のレシート

おっす(-_-)/  ← bit lazy face?
How is everyone?:)
I am fine:D

Today I would like to introduce everyone japanese recept:O
Ummm it sounds boring though, I want you to read this until end!XD yoroshiku B) ←cool guy
This receipt is "BOOK OFF" 's recept:D
This is so famous Japanese used book store :D
You can buy comminc 100yen (depend on the commic)
And you can buy many kinds of commic so cheaply!!!!!!! honto!!! I Love BOOK OFF:D

I bought "PETER PAN" as english learning for me though, it's 400yen:D
Nice nice x) But the book was so hard level for me...xO nyaaaa ガビーン!! (you can use "gabiiin" when you are shocked XD)

this is the included tax price:) hehe yay~:D
By the way japanese tax is 5% though it will be 8 % from next year and then, from 2015, it will be 10% xO
OMG B) haha


This is "Seven Eleven"
I bought a bottle of watter:O
As you can see, there is advertisement bottom of the recept:O
It's resort hotel company's advertisement:O
ohh I didn't notice until today..XD haha

This is local supper market receipt:)

What did I buy?:O
・Spagetti :198 × 2 = 396 yen
・Milk(1L): 238 yen
・Smoked salmon: 298 yen
・Fresh cream(180ml maybe xD) :298 yen
・nutella(220g): 398yen
・Banana(four bananas):138yen
・Avocado: 158 × 2 = 316 yen
・Onion: 29 yen
What do you think would mothers? XD haha
I think Smoked salmon and fresh cream are expensive^^;;;

How was the japanese receipt? xD
I hope you read until end...XD ganbareeeeee!!!!XD
Maybe japanese receipt is not special compare to other countries~:)
If you find interesting point, please tell me XD hehe

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