~ Japanese big idol group AKB48 ~

(I am full of stomach though, hello!!!XD)
By the way, do you know who is he?
He is Akimoto Yasushi. (sorry for say answer immediately XD)
He producd big idol group!!!!!
You can see the group everyday on TV in Japan!!!!
Do you know the group? x)
A lot of japanese people love the group. (I am not so interested them though they are hard worker XD )

The big idol group is AKB48!!!!:D
You may know them if you like Japan.


They do anything on TV!!XD
They sing songs, comedy,drama,anything!!
I think that is one of big reason why they could be popular:)

But on these days, their popularity is too much ... XD

Do you know "Janken selection"??????

Janken is game of "rock, paper,  scissors"

They do the game on TV at 19:00pm to 21:00pm on one of big TV production!!!!!
Can you believe it!?!?!?
Just they do rock paper scissors on tv about 2 hours on TV!!!!!

AND, the highest audience rating was about 20%!!!!!!!

Japanese people might have been thought they are serious, hard worker or something like that by foreign countries though, we are crazy!!!XD remember it!!!!!XD

I am not blaming AKB48 and the fans!!
I love such japanese people XD hehe

I want to know your opinion about it!!
Does your country have such big idol group? They can be forgiven if they do game of rock,paper, scissors on TV about 2 hours on Golden time??XD

I am looking forward to read everyone's comments anyway x)

If you don't know them and you have interest in them, please try to watch following the video:D

*under 16 years old* xD haha

*A part of rock, paper, scissors election*

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