~ Japanese Misterious Calendar ~

(Today, I am free so I would like to update one more ne!! xD )

This time, I would like to show you japanese calendar:O
You may think it's boring though, I thought someone want to know about japanese calendar, I would like to show for them x) haha

As you can see, something is written on each days bottom by Kanji:D
Do you know what it means?

I will introduce about each meaning roughly on the follow:D

大安(Taian): This day can be "everything good"  So, Japanese people want to marry on the day actually^-^

友引(Tomobiki): This day, you shouldn't visit somebody in hospital and a funeral ~

先勝(Senshou): This day, morning is good, but afternoon is not good ~

先負(Senpu): This day is calm ~^^  hehe

赤口(Syakkou): This day, mostly Bad though, around afternoon is good ~

仏滅(Butsumetsu): This day, Everything BAD>__< So japanese people avoid to get marry on the day!!


Actually japanese people don't care about it much though we mind the marriage day so much and funeral.
I want to know how about your country!!x)
Does your country have such special meaning day?:D
I would like to know even trivial thing^-^ hehe

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