★My Original Game Named Caterpy★

Hello everyone!!!!
It's 23:20pm in Japan☽
How is everyone?:)

ATTENTION!!!!!*o*Today, Finaly, I and my father could succeed to produce this original mobile game!!!!!!*o*

The name of the GAME is Caterpy!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!!(*o*)y

You can enjoy the game if you have an android cellphone!!!!
I am sorry for the other users...>__<
We will adapt to Iphone on future!!!!!

This is fisrt game screen when you start the game^-^
Kawaii?XD ahaha
As you can see, you can switch the game screen's language^-^ (English and Japanese) 

You can see the screen when you playing the game(o^^o)
Did you notice?xD
We took an idea from "Tetri○" OMG XD
But we included a lot of entertain ideas into the game x) hehe

I cannot say everything of the ideas though, I can say we included some Cutie, annoy?xD, Helpful characters in it:D hehe

You can enjoy 30 stages in the GAME^___^
The stage clear condition is just clear away all the stars!!!!! B) hehe
You can clear away the stars by filling in the rest of the row to get rid of those stars!!
(I am sorry for my bad english^^;;; You can read the perfect guide on the website where you can download the game or after you download the game! Don't worry ^^
Native englisih speaker's friends had helped me!!!!!^-^ ありがとうみんな!!(*^^*)
Ohhhh ~ ♪ x) hehe
You can creat your stage by yourself!!!!!*o*
kakkoiiii XD haha
BUT, before then, you need to get points by passing enough stages B)
Can you do that? B) haha

If you have interest in the game, please download from the link:)


You can download the game by 100 yen ♪
You can pay by your country's currency:)

The rating is moving though, I would like to write about the price anyway:)

America$: 1.01$
England £: 0.64£
Euro :0.76€

I searched the rate by the website.

I think it's not so expensive:)
I hope you would enjoy the Game and I am looking forward to hear your comments!!!!!!!*o*

I am sorry for people who had expected to read about japanese thing>_<
I will write about Japan next time

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